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<b>Title</b>: <a href="">The Pacific tourist : Williams' illustrated trans-continental guide of travel, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean : containing full descriptions of railroad routes across the continent, all pleasure resorts and places of most noted scenery in the far West, also of all cities, towns, villages, U.S. Forts, springs, lakes, mountains, routes of summer travel, best localities for hunting, fishing, sporting, and enjoyment, with all needful information for the pleasure traveler, miner, settler, or business man : a complete traveler's guide of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads and all points of business or pleasure travel to California, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Montana, the mines and mining of the territories, the lands of the Pacific Coast, the wonders of the Rocky Mountains, the scenery of the Sierra Nevadas, the Colorado mountains, the big trees, the geysers, the Yosemite, and the Yellowstone</a>
<b>Year</b>: <a href="">1877</a> (<a href="">1870s</a>)
<b>Authors</b>: <a href="">Williams, Henry T</a>
<b>Subjects</b>: <a href="">Union Pacific Railroad Company</a> <a href="">Central Pacific Railroad Company</a>
<b>Publisher</b>: <a href="">New York : H.T. Williams</a>
<b>Contributing Library</b>: <a href="">Harold B. Lee Library</a>
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<i>n exhibition and forsale the specimens alluded to—such as beautifulinoss agates, fossil fish, petrified shells and wood,with others which we are not able to name. Par- but thus far with indifferent success, though Mr.Fields was quite successful, in 1875, with a cropof potatoes, cabbages, turnips, radishes, and other garden truck. His wheat, oats and barley didnot ripen, though he says they were planted toolate in the season, and that the experiment wasnot a fair test. The valley of Salt Lake hasbeen reclaimed by the Mormons, and crops mayyet be raised here upon similar soil (alkali),though the elevation is some 2,000 feet greaterthan at Salt Lake. The high projecting tower north of thetrack, crowning a bluff, is 625 feet higher thanthe river level below, and about 615 feet higherthan the track. Other rocks, as The Sisters and The Twin Sisters will be readily recog-nized by the passing traveler. Wake up, wake up, said an old lady to herhusband, as the train approached the station one</i>

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Fort Crown Point is a tourist attraction, one of the French and Indian War forts in Chimney Point, United States. It is located: 500 km from Montreal, 710 km from Ottawa, 810 km from Boston, 810 km from South Boston, 890 km from Providence. Read further
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