Photos of Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

Death Valley National Park, United States by Paul Quast

Observational Data courtesy of Landsat 8 satellite (Bands: 2, 3, 4, 8) & USGS. Data processed by Paul Quast.

Data Specifications: Coordinates: 36.0236, -116.3521. Acquired: 4-Nov-2016 (Entity ID: LC80400352016295LGN00, Path: 40, Row: 35).

Features of interest:
Death Valley Junction [Middle].
Telescope Peak [Left].
Furnace Creek (Recorded as the highest ambient air temperature ever recorded at the surface of the Earth in 1913) [Top-Right].
Sandy Valley Pivot Irrigation Fields [Right].
Las Vegas [Top-Right].
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility [Middle-Right].
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility is a tourist attraction, one of the Interesting buildings in Primm, United States. It is located: 205 km from Henderson, 231 km from Henderson, 760 km from Riverside, 890 km from Anaheim, 900 km from Santa Ana. Read further
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